HI! Welcome to Sacred Seed Designs. I've Been a Crafter & Creator My Whole Life. I Love Working with My Hands and Bringing New Ideas Into Existence. Some of My Favorite Works Include Jewelry Design, Metal Fabrication and Mixed Media 2D & 3D Art.

I Have A Degree in Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Ancient Egyptian Archeology . I Gather Much Inspiration from My Travels as well as from The Mountains of Asheville North Carolina where I currently reside. 

One of My Life Long Dreams and Aspirations is to own a Traveling Boutique with a Mission to Help Non Profits Support Positive Change and Conservation through Spreading Empowering Conscious Sustainable Education Worldwide. 

This 2018 i'll Be Supporting The African School Assistance Project Based Out Of Tanzania East Africa By Donating 10% Of My Annual Net Sales Towards Preserving and Improving the Quality of Rural and Urban Life. 

Please Visit http://africaschoolassistanceproject.org/

I've Been Lucky to Live in Many Different Areas of the World and Have Unlocked Much Joy, Freedom and Creative Expression In My Works From These Synchronistic Encounters.

I Feel Truly Honored and Blessed to Have Been Given Access in Life to Walk Many Different Paths and Experience Many Different Cultures All of Which I Draw Deep Connection, Much Admiration and Great Inspiration From.

~Thank You So Much for Taking Interest In My Creations~


Sarah Cole

Owner & Creator

Sacred Seed Designs